High Terrain Helicopters

Based in Nelson, BC. This small family run company is the heart and soul of flying in the Kootenays.

Ed Harry was part of capturing the photo content and working with the client regularly to re-create their brand.

Colo Adventure

Meet Juan, a Colombian with an adventurous soul who now calls Canada home.

Juan has just started an adventure travel company in Colombia taking clients from North America on a 10 day all-inclusive adventure vacation, His adventure is packed full of excitement and adrenaline while taking clients through the jungles of Colombia.

Juan needed online representation that really demonstrated what he was about. We created his website and now represent him on social media through our monthly advertising program.

JoinAir Helicopters

JoinAir Helicopters is based in Chilliwack, BC and offers some of the best Helicopter mountain flying instruction in the world! The owner is experienced and recognized in the helicopter industry, his dream was to start his own flight training unit.....that now is a reality! 

We helped that dream by building their website, along with setting up the IT infrastructure for the school. In 2021 we will also be running their social media and online marketing to boost their ROI.

Kokanee Soaring Adventures

Meet Eric, owner and operator of the latest carbon neutral adventure company to enter the Kootenays, Kokanee Soaring Adventure (KSA). KSA is born of his motivation and dream to offer  power assisted glider tours and instruction through the big mountains of BC.

With minimal engine assistance, the glider (Diamond HK36) climbs to an altitude, the engine is then turned off and the high aspect ratio glider wings carry the pilot and passenger while soaring like an eagle.

Soaring is the sport of seeking thermal lift and delighting in the natural air currents.

With a minimal business image and zero carbon footprint, we helped that dream become reality with a full e-commerce site allowing customers to buy tours and instruction hours....online!